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Red Angus Cattle in Hitterdal, MN
Bull Sale at the Ranch
Thursday March 21, 2024

We would like to thank everyone that has shown confidence in using our genetics, as well as those that are here for the first time. Jacobson Red Angus is proud to be called a family run seed stock operation, and we are very grateful for all the incredible people we have met and the friendships we have made throughout the beef industry.

This family operation includes my wife, Val, the hardest working person I know. She is the ‘oil’ that keeps this ‘engine’ running, including making sure all the animals are fed and watered, and making sure the crew is fed and watered as well! She is the best teammate I could have ever asked for and I know I can count on her to keep everything in order while I am out ‘advocating’ around the country! Our son, Cody, is also a part of the operation, running his cows with us and in charge of feeding during the calving season. Our ‘cowboss’, Larry Jensen, is here year round helping out with whatever needs to be done. He spends many hours handling these cattle and is one of the main reasons why they are so quiet. There are also many friends that help throughout the year to make this operation possible. We are a hands-on operation… all you have to do is look at the shit on the bottom of our boots!

Our cowherd has been built with the mother cow as our focus. This is not a paper driven cowherd, rather one that has been built by using our eyes and our knowledge of what we know about each cow. This knowledge comes from spending most of our waking hours with this cowherd. Of course one of the tools we also use is our RAAA EPDs, and although important, they are only one tool and we try to use them with an open mind and some common sense!

We have been extremely fortunate to have been able to summer our cowherd at the Oxley Hereford Ranch just outside of Mahnomen, MN, forty-five minutes from our headquarters. We would like to thank Bob and Ron Schafer, the long-time managers at Oxley, for helping us out throughout the year. This historic ranch has large native grass pastures where we can run and breed our cows in a cost-effective, low input operation. None of our cows receive preferential treatment, and the calves receive ‘zero’ creep feed, wean off their mothers in September, and then run for ten days to two weeks across the fence until they are brought home and developed on a high roughage diet. Every bull has been through a strict screening for performance, fertility, soundness and disposition… you will not find a more quiet set of bulls! As always we stand behind our cattle 100% and our word is our guarantee! Thanks again for your interest in our program.

Jake & Val

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28280 75th AVE N HITTERDAL MN 56552 
TEL 218 962 3360 
CELL 701 361 3189 
E-Mail [email protected]

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